Why Play Therapy?

Contrary to the common-place notion that early childhood experiences are irrelevant since (s)he’ll never remember it anyway”, our earliest years provide the basis for healthy social and emotional development. Social development includes the ability to form healthy relationships and the ability to understand social norms and values.

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What Types of Difficulties Does Play Therapy Treat?

Play therapy is often the ideal clinical approach for most children. Crystal has been successful in addressing a variety of common parental concerns, such as:

  • Behavioral difficulties at home or in school
  • Social and Emotional Difficulties
  • Issues related to Grief, Loss, Divorce

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How Does Play Therapy Work? How Long Will It Take?

Play Therapy provides a safe place for children to safely confront and address their struggles. Very often, problematic behavior occurs when the child struggles to understand and express their concerns. Play Therapy allows the child to confront their problem, shift any inaccuracies in their perception of the problem and thus find more effective ways to deal with their situation.

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