Meet Ashley

Are you having difficulties connecting with your child, teenager, significant other and/or spouse? Do you feel like you are stuck within the same patterns of unhealthy interactions? Do you desire richer connection? As a Marriage and Family Therapist, I specialize in guiding families in identifying breakdowns in communication, teach effective communication skills, utilize Systems Theory and other psychotherapies to navigate barriers and focus on changing patterns of engagements and reactions.

With families of children and teenagers whose behaviors seem to be “out of control” I utilize systems theory to navigate parenting techniques, attachments, behavioral outburst and emotional expression. These interventions are to aid in gaining insight which hopefully will facilitate alternative patterns of interactions to increase emotional expression in healthy verbalizations. Over time these integrations will assist families to reconnect and overcome many adversities that the effects of the challenges of life can slowly.

I am also trained and competent in working with families who are planning to Adopt a child or have Adopted and how to aid in transitioning the family into welcoming and creating a new family dynamic. My ultimate calling is to assist families grow and transition into healthier interactions with each other so all family members emotional needs are identified and made to feel important which in turn creates healthier family systems.