55-Minute Session: $150

At this time, insurance is not accepted. However, completion of insurance reimbursement forms is available upon request.

A Word on Insurance and Confidentiality:
Healthy Minded Kids is committed to your confidentiality. However, if you choose to file a claim with your insurance company, a diagnosis of a mental health disorder and procedure code describing the service provided must be submitted. Upon receipt of this information, your diagnosis and treatment will no longer be confidential.

What does this mean? Your diagnosis is entered in the national Medical Information Bureau’s database. In the future, if you apply for life, health, or disability insurance, your diagnosis may be regarded as a preexisting condition. This means, the potential exists for new insurance to be denied or that an exclusion may placed on your coverage.

Without an insurance claim, information regarding treatment and diagnosis at Healthy Minded Kids is kept strictly confidential. With the exception of a very few legal situations, no one is entitled to information regarding diagnosis and treatment of your child without your written consent.